Power Interruption for Five Days

Thank God, our electricity got back. We don’t have electricity for five days because of typhoon Glenda. I think this was the longest blackout I have ever experienced in my life. Our place doesn’t really affect power interruption and if happens it would last for only few hours. The five days blackout is different. It’s really boring without electricity and to think it’s for five days. Well, thanks to all who made it possible to bring back the electricity at the earliest time. The first news was electricity would go back in a week or more than. So, we are thankful for the rapid action of the people working to make it possible to deliver the power lines in less than a week. And before I forget aside from power interruption we don’t have enough supply of water. Imagine water and electricity at the same time.

I learned from my niece that we can charge our gadgets or recharge anything to the nearest mall for free. I haven’t tried but I saw many people grabbed the opportunity so even without electricity at home they can still keep in touch with their loved ones especially in abroad. In times like this we should help each other and what this mall has done is really something, I salute them for doing this thing.

Anyway, I’m not yet done with typhoon Glenda. I might share some photos of this typhoon next time. Have a safe night because another typhoon is here in the Philippines.

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