Samsung Galaxy Y

After so long of waiting, I bought my own mobile phone. Recently, I was looking for an affordable mobile phone. There are many available in the market so it’s hard for me to choose. And of course I am considering the price. So after the long hunt, I grabbed Samsung Galaxy Y or Samsung Galaxy Young. I have phone choices already but this one doesn’t belong.

So what made me decide to get this phone? The store offers BNPL or Buy Now Pay Later using credit card. I will pay it for one (1) year starting February 2012. My monthly payment is 540 pesos only. I hope I will get bucks here so I will able to pay my monthly due hehe. samsung galaxy y price Philippines

This is the photo of Samsung Galaxy Y. I grabbed from google. I think its silver in color but the one I have is Pink. The store said Pink is the latest color of Samsung Galaxy Y. Anyway, I will make a separate review about this phone and I will show my actual Pink Samsung Galaxy Y in my next post.

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