She graduated from a Short Course in Canada

I am happy for my niece who is recently graduated from her short course with honors in Canada. Sorry I forgot the name of her course but it is related to Medical field.  

Last March 2011, she was graduated from nursing here in the Philippines. After graduation she started doing her review for Nursing Board Exam.  While doing her review their visa to Canada came unexpectedly. So, she didn’t take her Nursing Examination instead went to Canada with her father and 3 siblings. Their mother who is my sister was working in Canada for 3 years. Finally, after 3 long years my sister’s petition to get her family pushed through. She got my brother-in-law, nieces and nephew. They are living there for 1 year already, time flies. I remember we sent them to the airport and everyone was crying. 

In Canada, she enrolled 8 months course if I’m not mistaken. Couple of days ago she finished the course. She called after her graduation and told us she is already working in one of the government hospital and receiving good salary. 

She has a plan to visit us this December if her work allows vacation. We are all excited especially my daughter who always telling me she’s missing her cousin already. 

12 thoughts on “She graduated from a Short Course in Canada”

  1. Congratulation to your niece! I’m so happy at the same time envy to her 🙂 Soon I hope and pray that I will have a good job in my career with a good pay 🙂

  2. Congrats to your niece! Best of lluck to her. 🙂

    (im not sure if i sent my comment right, just in case im flooding your box)

  3. Wow galing, congratulations to your niece. BTW, oo nga bakit laging sa spam napupunta comment mo., just read them today. Yong street eh hindi main road, sa kabahayan yon, hehe.

  4. wow! congrats to your niece Mon! good for her. can you please ask her what course she took so that i can also tell my hubby.. hehehe.. anyway re weather, yup, anlamig dito, affected kami ng typhoon, though hindi naman malakas ang ulan, pero sobrang mahangin… salamat sa dalaw sis…

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