So in Love with Loom

I’m so in love with loom bracelets. I heard this looming to Ryzza Mae Dizon, a popular child actress here in the Philippines. Then,  one of my friends in social network posted different loom bracelet patterns. I was amazed on how simple bands turned to fashionable bracelets. I decided to get the kit and make my own. At first I made the bracelets just for my daughter but later on I decided to sell them through Instagram. Honestly, I don’t have talent on making any crafts but I’m happy that there are many tutorials available online especially youtube. If you have time feel free to browse some of my loom bracelets by visiting my official IG shop account @mk.shop101. Thanks in advance. By the way not only bracelets but you can make other stuff from loom bands. As you can see i have ring, bracelets and even make alphabet charms. I have other charms available in my IG account. I must say the possibilities are endless. Here are my latest creations with my loom bands. Please follow my account in IG.

 photo c9d0af4c-c1c4-48f3-a203-e4726c6c6a2b_zpse371c05b.jpg
 photo 61e68eeb-7f0d-4da0-bef1-ba24b51a3f05_zps156ca8ca.jpg
 photo 856369a4-e9f5-457d-a4d8-3ddc4f651ccd_zps6157d526.jpg

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