Still happy despites of …

A complete family is what everybody is dreaming BUT somehow this thing is not given to everybody. I have been parted w/ Kyla’s father for more or less than two years. But despite of what happened I’m thankful that still he is supportive especially in Kyla’s financial aspect.
Even though our family started from mistake I’m still happy because I have my daughter with me. It’s not easy having incomplete family but I didn’t complain it to our God instead I’m praying that one day He will give me someone who will share the unconditional love.

Anyhow, I’m happy because I have my family with me though I’m very quite person and don’t mingle at all time I’m sure they are always there for me and my daughter.

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8 thoughts on “Still happy despites of …”

  1. Hi mona,
    Having your daughter beside you is truly a blessing. You are still lucky that kyla’s dad is financially supportive. I hope someday you’ll meet the one that will love you unconditionally. Good luck to the contest!

  2. Ok lng yan te least nagasupport dad ni my sister’s situation, yung dad ni Didong, inde kame gumastos since pagkabuntis ng ate ko until now na nag aaral n si Didong. 🙁

  3. good luck Monz..hehe…di ako sumali nito kasi wala akong family pic…missing in action din kasi ang father for almost 10 years now hahaha

  4. awwwwwww…this is inspiring…what matters most is you and kyla are happy…buti nga supportive sya financially…unlike others walang paki.

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