Red Rose

Last week I didn’t participate in ABC-Wednesday I’d been questing for my Q entry but haven’t got one. But I guess “questing” counts, heheh. Anyway, next to Q is the letter R (do I need to say it, lol). So for my R entry is the Red Rose that Kyla gave to me last Mother’s Day. It was taken in my mother’s front yard. See the photos below.

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Plantation Bay

We are in the letter P already in ABC-Wednesday I’m thinking what to post till I saw our pictures in Plantation Bay. Last February we visited Cebu City and one of the places we visited was Plantation Bay. The place is really pretty with huge swimming pool it’s really a good place to have relaxation.

Plantation Bay has 11.4 hectares of secluded grounds yet only 30 minutes from Cebu City, Plantation Bay offers one of the largest privately-owned waterways in the world, with the clean elegance of colonial-plantation architecture.

Opened in late 1996, Plantation Bay has already had over a million visitors from every corner of the globe. Virtually all of them agree that this is one of the best resorts they’ve ever been to. Experienced travelers in particular will feel right at home at Plantation Bay. English is spoken throughout the resort; we also have Japanese, Korean, Mandarin andSpanish-speaking staff members. More info here

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M is for …

Its Wednesday once again, I was checking when was the last time I updated this blog. So it’s been 4 days that I’m not posting anything here, this blog is not neglected, lol … So sorry that I haven’t posted much here because I was busy with offline commitments. Anyway, I have to post for ABC-Wednesday I want to finish what I had started. So now we are in the letter M already …time flies hmmm. So for my letter M I will not go further. The owner and responsible of this blog is MONA, yours truly. I can’t find good photo of me, lol so I decided to have this photo. The photo was taken last December it’s me with my daughter. Kyla’s second name is MARIE so it’s counted also with the letter M.

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ABC Wednesday

ABC-Wednesday: K is for …

It’s ABC-Wednesday once again and we are in the letter K.  So for my letter K i guess you know it already. Do I need to give a clue? Anyway, she’s my model here and in my 2 other blogs. I guess you know who I am referring to. My daughter KYLA is my letter K. She is my source of happiness everyday though I will not say that we are always in good time. There are times that I am angry with her especially when she is badly behaved. My patience is not enough sometimes but I maybe angry with her but it don’t last longer. Being her mother I felt that I am bad especially when looking at her crying. I just hope that God will give me guidance it’s not easy to raise a child especially you know that you are alone.


Kyla is less than 4 months old in the first photo but she knows how to make a peace sign heheh, the other photo is her latest snapshot.

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J is for …

J is for Jollibee. It is the mascot of the well-known fast food chain here in the Philippines. They already have branches outside the Philippines. The first photo was taken last year we saw Jollibee in the mall so we don’t missed the chance to take a picture with this cute bee mascot.

The second photo is the Jollibee Shirt and Jollibee Cap. Two weeks from now Kyla will participate in Jollibee Kids Club fun activity for this summer. She will wear this shirt together with the cap. This activity will last for 5 days in Jollibee food store here in SM Lucena. I hope she will take part in all the activities this is her first time to participate in this kind of event. She is not the type of person who can mingle easily to other but I hope in this five day event she will learn a lot, gain confident and friends as well.

In the third photo Kyla is wearing her Jollibee cap, isn’t it cute? Wink!

But beyond everything my letter J stands for Jesus Christ, thank you for everything.

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Inexplicable/Irregular View on Moon

Last night on our way going home my daughter Kyla saw an inexplicable/irregular or strange view on moon. There is a huge circle around the moon. I don’t know what the meaning of that big circle is but I felt strange because of the many terrible things happened around the world. I think it has connection on it. Anyway, just wanted to share this photo of strange moon and wanted to link it also in ABC-Wednesday. This photo is NOT mine I just grabbed it online. I tried to picture it out but the camera I used doesn’t give me a better result.

Photos not mine ...Thanks to the owner 🙂

Explanation (from Facebook)

The ring around the Moon is caused by the refraction of Moonlight (which of course is reflected sunlight) from ice crystals in the upper atmosphere. The shape of the ice crystals results in a focusing of the light into a ring. Since the ice crystals typically have the same shape, namely a hexagonal shape, the Moon ring is almost always the same size.