Should be Responsible as Motorcycle Rider

I was upset this morning because I saw another accident in the street. Accident in the street involving motorcycle isn’t new anymore. I have seen many cases from news TV and also in real. I don’t see the actual accident but after it was happened. So, just like earlier, I was riding on a jeepney, going back to the house after sending my daughter at school. I saw a motorcycle already fell in the street and a tricycle. So I assumed the two transportations were involved in the accident. Last Saturday we went to Tagaytay. Going home, I think it was past 10pm. I’m not sure of the actual location but the place is dark and I think no lights coming from poles. I saw an accident that involved motorcycle again. I didn’t see the actual accident but for sure it was serious because truck was involved. I know motorcycle is convenient to use especially during traffic. I don’t have one but many say its cheaper to use and suitable if you are in a rush. Sometimes you can get this just paying small amount of money as down payment. The installment is not expensive as well. These are the reason why many are convinced to use this kind of transportation. But as a user you should be responsible. Proper use of gear would really help. Don’t think the street is made just for you. Don’t be aggressive in the street because other big vehicles are also passing in the street. It’s sad to see accident not only involving motorcycles but other vehicles because if it is serious accident could be fatal.