Problem with WIFI Card

I was using the laptop the other day when suddenly the internet connection stopped. I thought it happened because of a sudden pouring of the rains. I tried to reconnect my connection but it was failed. I’m using wifi in the house so I checked if I could connect to this wifi using other gadgets. Surprisingly my phone and tablet were connected. I was alarmed and suspected that something happened with the laptop. I restart and shutdown the laptop thinking it might work again. But it was totally failed. After that day I checked if the laptop would work but still it didn’t detect any wifi. I don’t know how to fix laptop so I brought it in a technician. After a short conversation with him, I left the laptop and asked him to send me message regarding the problem. That same day, later in the afternoon, I got a message from him, he mentioned about wifi card problem. He told me that this card needs to replace in order to work again. I was thankful because after changing the card its working fine already. The laptop I’m using was really old but chose not to buy new. Actually it didn’t stand already i mean you need something at the back so it would stand. Aside from this problem the laptop is working fine so i’m not thinking of getting new. For me as long as a thing is still useful it shouldn’t replace easily.