American Idol season 11 Top 6 includes Jessica Sanchez

I don’t watch American Idol season 11 regularly but weekly it’s in the news here because of Jessica Sanchez. She is a Filipino-Mexican and part of American idol season 11 top 6. Last time she’s been saved by the judges because they used “season save” this is to stay Jessica in the show after she garnered the lowest votes of that particular week. I think this power of the judges can only be used once through the whole season.   Image Detail

So after she garnered the lowest vote Filipino community in America asked for help to vote Jessica Sanchez to the next round. Even celebrities here in the Philippines and some tv shows are also asking Filipinos in America to vote for Jessica Sanchez.  So last Thursday (Philippines) the 7 finalists performed once again. Jessica Sanchez performed two songs; Fallin by Alicia Keys and Try a little Tenderness by Otis Redding and gladly it was well received by the judges.

Friday came (Philippines) and time to eliminate for another idol contestant and it’s surprising because Jessica Sanchez garnered second to the highest vote. This is happened because of the support of Filipino community in America. As a Filipino I am proud of her and hopefully we will see Jessica Sanchez all the way through the finals and hoping that she will be the first who has Filipino blood to win American Idol.