Excited for Open House

My daughter is attending school for almost one month already. From the day she started kindergarten I haven’t seen any of her paper/art works in school. Normally, she will bring her books at home if she has an assignment but not her artworks. Well, this thing is normal to her school. I mean teachers are not showing their artworks because there is a time to do this thing. Usually during school’s “Open House” where there is program first and after parents/guardians will be going to child’s classroom to see their accomplished artworks. 

This is my second time to attend this kind of event. When my daughter is in Nursery last year they also had this event. I was happy that time because I’ve seen my daughter artworks and happy to know that my daughter was able to do such things. 

Open House is done once so I will not think twice and attend this event. I am excited already because this is the moment I’ve been waiting for. I hope Monday is already here, lol. The mother cannot hide her excitement haha. I will be seeing my daughter artworks starting June so for sure its numerous already. She is now in kindergarten I guess their artworks are already level up compared last year. Well, whatever her artworks; nice, not so nice, or very nice =) I will be very happy. For me anything she made was already her accomplishment. 

After this Open House we will see their artworks again on their last day in school. All their artworks from June to March will be sending home. That’s a long time, so I will not let the chance to see my daughter artworks this Monday. I will take photos of her artworks and share it here. As far as I can remember I shared some of her artworks in her Nursery class so will do the same.  

Have a blessed Sunday =)