Bedroom Wishlist

I have wish list if only Santa is for real for sure I will ask him to provide my wish this Christmas. I’ve been thinking to get a new bed. Daughter and I are sharing bed for many years already and the shocking part it’s only a single bed. We don’t have our own house and we are living in my mother’s house actually sister’s house but she is living in other country. That’s the hardest thing when you have no house. You can’t make any changes or choose to have big room. Aww, I don’t want to make drama here but hoping one day my daughter and I will have our own house that we will call it “our home.” Anyway, back to the bed I’m saying earlier I will include this in my things to buy. And of course velvet will not be missed. A nice bed is not complete without comfortable coverlet. These are just two of my bedroom wishlist still more to come. I just hope they all come true this year or early next year.