Fashionably Safe Styles for the Biker in all of Us

Whether you and your guy are new to riding or you have been traveling the country on two wheels for years, it is important to dress in clothing that is both fashionable and safe. Safety always takes top priority, but this doesn’t mean you have to look like a crash test dummy. Use the following suggestions in order to ride in style.

The Basics

Your basic clothing should be comfortable, but there are limits. Riding down the highway in shorts and flip flops is never a good idea. Pants should be long. Jeans are best because of the durability denim provides. Your shoes are one of your most important pieces of gear next to the helmet. Make sure they cover your ankle and offer good support like eagle footwear does.


Outerwear keeps you warm and helps protect you if there were to be an accident. Leather is your best friend. It will keep you from becoming scraped up if you go down, and it is nice and warm. Don’t worry about getting overheated. You’ll feel chilled on a bike even on a warm spring day. Outerwear should include a jacket with vents, chaps, and a good pair of gloves that provide warmth without restricting the movement of your fingers.

The Extras

There are certain articles of clothing that you need to have with you on your ride that you may not necessarily need when you head out. First on the list is a good rain suit. The dollar rain ponchos just won’t cut it. Have a one piece suit or a jacket with pants that doesn’t let water in at the waist. Many include gloves and boot covers to ensure complete dryness.

Having the proper gear for your next ride will keep you safe and comfortable. Knowing the right pieces to have, and how to keep a stylish look in the process, is key to looking and feeling terrific wherever the road takes you.