Three Ways to Drop Shaving from Your Beauty Routine

Shaving can be a tedious and unrelenting task in your shower routine. Depending on your hair type, you may even have to shave every day. This often results in razor burn or stubble. What can you do instead?

Laser Hair Removal

To permanently remove hair from almost any area on your body you can opt for laser hair removal columbia md. This is a long process, sometimes up to 3 months long, but well worth it in the long run. Most people require between 6-8 sessions of hair removal because the follicle needs to be targeted at every stage of the growth process in order to completely eliminate the hair. Then you will go through a few weeks of a “shedding” phase. However, you’ll never have to worry about shaving again.


One solution that is less drastic than laser hair removal, but more effective than shaving, is waxing. Waxing usually pulls the hair up by the root, so it will take longer to come back. This gives a smoother finish and a longer period of time between hair removal sessions. Some people are nervous about the pain, but it is usually very quick and easy to get used to. You can either get it done professionally or buy wax kits to be used at home.

Stay Hairy

If you are only removing hair from your legs, armpits or arms because you feel it is what society requires, but don’t actually want to be doing so, why continue? It is becoming more commonplace to see women with hairy legs and armpits, and men who practice hair removal. Do what you feel is best for you, not what other people tell you to do. You can even dye your armpit hair once you start to enjoy it. No shame whatever you decide!

You can do away with the expense of endless razors and unpleasant reactions to constant shaving by trying out an alternative. There are plenty of options to fit any lifestyle.