Bohol Philippines our get away started here PART 2

This is continuation of my post about Bohol Philippines our get away started here (click the link if you haven’t read it). So half of our time in Bohol was finished we enjoyed Blood Compact Monument, Baclayon Church and Prony. After that we go straight in Loboc River for our lunch. Here you will cruise the Loboc River by means of small bancas or boat. While enjoying the beautiful sceneries you will enjoy also their first class unlimited food on board floating restaurants. Each boat can accommodate up to 50 people. For 400 pesos each or around $10 you will enjoy unlimited food they served. There is no limit on the food to take as long as your tummy desires. I think children below 10 years old are free of charge (not sure) but my little Kyla doesn’t pay anything.

Floating restaurant cruising Loboc River

Next destination is Philippine Tarsier 🙂
Philippine Tarsier Monkey’s are probably the smallest primates in the world. They are not actually monkeys but primates. Their Latin name is ‘Tarsius Syrichta’. Tarsier’s diet consists of insects in the main which they eat live. Their height is between 90 to 160 mm (3.5 to 6.25 inches). And weight is between 70 to 165 grams (3-6 ozs).  Tarsier’s big eyes give very acute night vision which makes them good hunters during the dark. Their big ears can move in the direction of any noise and heads can swivel through 180 degrees which all helps us in hunting. (Information’s came from was surprised to see them I thought they are big but they are really tiny. See photos below.

Chocolate Hills
A chocolate hill has a cone-shaped that spread over the municipalities of Carmen, Sagbayan and Batuan. The Chocolate Hills is the province’s signature attraction. It consists of approximately 1,268 hay cock hills with heights ranging from 40 to 120 meters. Approximately 214 steps before you reach the top view. During the summers, the dome-shaped grass covered limestone hills dry up and turn brown, transforming the area into seemingly endless rows of chocolate “kisses” Two of the highest hills have been developed and provided with facilities such as a restaurant, hostel and view deck. (Some details came from google)

Groto in Chocolate Hills
After whole day of sight seeing in Bohol we decided to go back in Cebu. Read my post about our Cebu get away next time.