Messy Kyla

I’m transferring the photos from the cam to laptop when I saw these photos. For sure I haven’t showed it because still it’s in the memory of the camera. I keep on smiling looking how messy Kyla was.

I’m not sure when I took these photos but what I remember is that her Ninang Ate (cousin at the same time Godmother) gave her chocolates. I was surprised when she faced me few minutes after.

She thought that I’m mad of her but I laughed and said its fine. Many times that Kyla was really messy while eating. But I guess this is because she is still young and for sure when time comes she will able to know how to eat properly. That’s part of growing Kyla.

By the way, I received comments that I can share these photos in Messy Go Round meme. So now I’m linking this post my first time to join and hope its not the last 🙂