Choose the Right Concealed Carry Clothing

Choosing to conceal carry a firearm was not a decision you made lightly. Choosing the right concealed carry clothing should also be given due consideration. While there are several factors that can simply come down to personal choice or style, There are also plenty of factors that are universal and should always be considered when choosing concealed carry clothing.

The first step in choosing the correct concealed carry clothing is knowing how and where you plan to carry. There are many choices available for those looking to conceal carry a weapon. Knowing where you plan to carry and how you plan to draw your firearm will determine many of the decisions that are to come when choosing the right clothing for concealed carrying.

For many concealed carry owners, wearing and drawing from the hip or abdomen are very popular choices. This gives the user the most versatility and speed in drawing, but these options also make concealed carry clothing options much easier. Simply bulk up in the middle by using a bulkier shirt or some other standard clothing choices.

If you are planning to carry in places such as the shoulder or ankle, the bulge will be more noticeable. This means concealing will be a little more difficult. In these cases, you will need to look at holsters and other conceal carry specific clothing.

There is a wide selection of holsters on the market aimed at concealed carry owners. The key to choosing the right holster for concealed carry is to find one that is sleek and close to the body. This will give you less of a bulge to hide and an easier way to draw and handle your firearm. Make the right choice when it comes to how you carry ad handle your weapon.