Credit card

Having credit card for me is really helpful especially when you have no cash available in your wallet. I think for six years I am using my credit card and thankful because I am able to pay my debt every pay date. Not so long ago I watched late talk show and their topic is about credit card. They sight advantages and disadvantages of using it but the bottom line is some people are being indebted because of this. Well I think it’s because they are using it in the wrong way. Some users are abusing their cards without thinking. In the end they just pay for the interest and not the whole amount. That is the thing that I am avoiding I make sure that I will pay the exact amount every due date. And I don’t purchase item if I know that I have no enough money to pay when payment time arrives.

Accumulated points – this is another advantage of using credit card. If you have points accumulated you can exchange it for some items like gadgets and electronics, sports and lifestyle, travel gear and accessories, health wellness, kitchen and small appliances, toys and play sets, baby products, gift certificates from hundreds of establishments and many more.

If you are kind enough you can even use your accumulated points to help other people. Like for example you can help Bantay Kalikasan, donate to Mother Earth Foundation, Philippine Animal Welfare Society and many more. Just transfer your accumulated points and you are ready to help them.

For the past years that I am using credit card I already accumulated some points. So I will be browsing later to see what can I get out of my points. It is always exciting to get some freebies right? Anyway, if you have credit card how you managed it?

Electronic Ticket … Envelope

Two days ago I received this Envelope I have no idea what’s inside so I immediately open it. I’m surprise to see a blue card after reading I learned that the card is the extension of my credit card which can be use merely in online purchase.

Electronic Ticket – this is the ticket I used going home from Cebu to Manila. It’s nice that we have electronic ticket now; this is great help especially to the travelers to get ticket online anytime of the day.

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