Excellent Drapery and Curtain Hardware at Drapery Rods Direct

Most people want to have a house that is the envy of many. If I had a magnificent house, I probably wouldn’t want to go anywhere else and simply relax there all day long. That’s maybe one of the reasons why some people work so hard. They want to buy or build that dream house. But having a lovely house doesn’t only mean having all those nice and functional furniture. One must also have stylish and sturdy building products such as windows, millwork, skylights, cabinets, fireplace mantels, shelves, vinyl railing systems and a lot more. Windows would surely look drab or ugly if you put the wrong kind of Venetian Blinds or curtains. Furthermore, you should install the right kind of drapery and curtain hardware that would go well with your windows and curtains.   


Drapery Rods Direct can provide you with that service. The company has been in business for more than 20 years so clients are assured they are given products of utmost quality and affordability. Plus, the company has known for excellent customer service. Drapery Rods Direct has probably installed every type of drapery and curtain rod. If you’re having a hard time choosing designs, just rely on their expertise. They exclusively sell Kirsch Drapery Hardware and Accessories such as Kirsch Wood Trends, Kirsch Wrought Iron, and Kirsch Superfine Traverse Rods. Kirsch Decorative Holdbacks for Kirsch Wood Trends and Wrought Iron Drapery Hardware are also sold. Holdbacks are available in several finishes for the Kirsch Wood Trends Collection and five finishes for the Kirsch Wrought Iron Holdbacks. 

Shipping is free for many orders exceeding $100. Also, all Kirsch Hardware are on sale with over 20% off. Rest assured that your purchases will be delivered to you fast and without any problems. However, if the product you bought arrives damaged, they will replace it and you don’t have to pay a single penny. They accept credit card payments via Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express as well as thru Paypal.