Transferring to a New Hosting …

You might not see this blog tomorrow and in the coming days because it will be transferring to a new hosting. Anyway,  will surely go back in a short time, hope so =). Thank you for visiting this blog and giving your time doing Entrecard drops here. I will find time to visit you back. Happy blogging!

Using Entrecard to get Traffic

After shutting down of Adgitize it’s hard for me to promote my blog. If I will not comment or join meme I will not get any visitors. Some of my friends suggested using Entrecard to get traffic. I have an account in Entrecard for almost two years but I’m not so familiar how it works maybe because I was hooked in Adgitize. Anyway, I really need visitors (or better say we all need visitors) to all my/our sites so couple of days ago I tried to learn Entrecard. So far it turns out positive, now I know how Entrecard brings traffic to my sites and vice versa. I just need to drop in other sites/blogs everyday so in return they will do the same. And later on advertise your blog for free with your entrecard credits.

Right now I have five blogs running; two of them are already in Entrecard. I have added another two blogs but still waiting for approval. I hope in the coming days Entrecard will help me to get more visitors and lower my alexa ranking.

So my dear visitors don’t forget to drop entrecard here and I will go back to your blog. Thanks and happy blogging =)