Fairy Hobmother granted my wish

If you really believe in something for sure it will come.  Just like believing Fairy Hobmother will visit my blog.  For those who doesn’t familiar with this fairy, he is the one who’s wandering around the blogosphere, showering some pixie dusts and giving rewards. Anyway, I stand for my belief and now fairy hobmother finally noticed this humble blog and giving me a special gift.

Can you guess what special gift did he offer for me? Well it’s not one of the top 5 washing machines but different present and I’m contented with it. Truly, it’s worth believing on fairy hobmother but if your blog haven’t seen yet by this famous fairy. Don’t you worry because chances are big.

Just make sure to comment below because fairy hobmother is still roving around and looking for blogs that he can showers his pixie dusts. Don’t stop believing and who knows you’re the next on his list. Ooops, before I forget follow him also in Twitter.