Fire and Water

In the unfortunate event that your home is damaged in a fire, some companies will come to your home to repair the damage so that you don’t have the stress of dealing with cleaning. A fire damage Palm Springs company can look at the severity of the damage to determine the best plan in getting the smell of smoke out and clearing away the debris left behind by the flames. This is something that is ideal for those who might not have the resources to clean the home. Owners who no longer want to live in the home can consult a fire damage company that can get the house prepared to restore for renting or selling. 

Flood damage is something that can occur because of a heavy thunderstorm or if the pipes burst in the home. A flood damage Fort Lauderdale company has various methods of removing water from areas of the home. Fans can be used to dry the carpets, and mildew protection can be used to prevent anything from growing underneath the flooring. The company can sweep water from the home in order to prepare for removing the furniture so that the rooms can be cleaned thoroughly after the flood.