School Activity for next week

Finally after almost two months of waiting Kyla handed her first ever school ID. She always asking me about her ID and I told her that it will be given very very soon. So this is the time =). She was happy while showing it to me after their class.

We have a little review of her past lessons today. The other day we reviewed her Math lessons now we focused more about Science subject. I’m glad she’s always participating everytime we have a review. I hope by Tuesday (August 16) examination day everything would be all right. I believed on you Kyla … you can do it … Fighting heheh.

After their examination they will celebrate Filipiniana Culminating Activity on August 18. Each level from Nursery to High School will have presentation of the different Folk dances here in thePhilippines. I already bought her costume they will wear Kimona, Skirt and pair of abaca slippers. (I will make a separate post of her costume in my fashion blog). Anyway, I’m excited about this because this is the first time that I will be seeing her performing in school. This is also the first time she will dance in front of many people. I hope there would be no tantrums on that day.

School Activity for next week

Monday – regular classes from 8 am to 11 am
Tuesday – examination from 8 am to 10 am (first batch)
Wednesday – no classes (for first batch)
Thursday – Filipiniana Culminating Activity
Friday – I think its Quezon Day or Lucena Day ( so I’m still waiting for an announcement regarding this holiday)

First Quarter Assessment Test

Days passed so quickly Kyla was already in their last week of the first quarter in school. With this they will be having their First Quarterly Assessment Test. I thought they are exempted with this because they are just Nursery but I was wrong. So starting tomorrow we will be having review of their previous lessons. Maybe 1-2 hours review then play after.

Here are the pointers for review:


  • Distinguishing Likeness and Differences
  • Reading Readiness ( A – L)


  • Introducing Oneself
  • Girls and Boys
  • My School
  • School Personnel
  • Simple Greetings/Polite Expressions
  • Family Members
  • Rooms of the House
  • Feelings


  • Parts of the Face and its Uses
  • Parts of the Body  (Upper and Lower Extremeties)
  • Living and Non-Living Things
  • Healthy Foods


  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Sizes and Measurements
  • Sensing Patterns

Wow … that’s loaded. So starting tomorrow till the date of the exam which is August 16-17 we will study every lesson. I believe on her she’s a quite person but when it comes to school performance she’s doing better. So good luck my little Kyla 🙂