How to add google friend connect to wordpress?

How to add Google Friend Connect to wordpress? This is the question that other bloggers asked me. So I think of creating this post so if someone will ask me again the same question I can easily link them through this post. There are illustrations provided to understand it more easily.

Step 1 – Go to – Create an account just click Get Started. See illustrations below.

 Step 2 – Once account has been created just log in and start creating your Google Friend Connect.  Click Add the members gadget then add new site.

Step 3 – Provide the necessary information’s.

Step 4 – After providing the information’s you will direct in the image below. Its your choice if you want to edit it or not. Then Get your Code and put it in your wordpress account.

How to add the code generated on wordpress. Just follow the following steps.

 Step 1 – Go to your WordPress blog.

Step 2 – In your Dashboard, select widgets.

Step 3 –  Drag the Text link in your sidebar then Add the code you created above.

Step 4 – Just Save it and invite your friends to follow your blog. That’s it! I hope I help you 🙂