Cheers for 2015

2014 had been good to me. Honestly, I have so many material things that I wanted to get. I didn’t get them all but it doesn’t mean I should be sorry for last year. Still there are many things that I should be thankful other than material things.

Fast recovering of my mother from an illness. Just to give you an idea. Last December 2013, my mother was diagnosed with an unexpected illness. The only thing for her to survive was blood transfusion. She needed about 4-5 bags on her first confinement. By the end of January 2014, she then admitted to hospital for second blood transfusion. March 2014 was her third confinement. For a week of confinement she didn’t get the blood that she needed because of some conflict. Her hemoglobin was going low. The hospital didn’t advice us to bring my mother in another hospital knowing that they don’t have an apparatus to treat my mother.

The family decided to transfer my mother in St. Luke’s Hospital. We know that this hospital is not cheap and it will cost much. But we didn’t think of the money but the life of my mother. She was already 50-50. The family here wasn’t capable enough to pay the expenses. Good thing I have sisters abroad so they were the one who paid for all the hospital expenses. For almost 2 weeks of confinement my mother felt a little better already. Her hemoglobin went up to 5 compared when we brought her that was only 2.7 From time to time we bring her in St. Luke’s for follow-up check up. The last time was this month and we were happy because her hemoglobin was already 12 something. This is really a huge blessing that the family should be thankful. Her attending physician even says that looks like a miracle happened. And we owed that miracle to God.

Another reason to thankful for 2014 was my daughter’s 7th birthday. I wasn’t planning anything because I admit I don’t have enough money to celebrate a birthday party. My sisters abroad and their families helped me in everything especially financial. I will consider this as a huge indebtedness for all your kindness. I hope I could repay back for all the things that you have done to me and my daughter. Shame on me that I couldn’t provide all the things my daughter needs. All thanks to my family because my daughter and I are living comfortably. Comfortably in the sense that we eat 3x a day. We have shelter and we get basic necessities for free. My daughter even studying in a private school, thanks to my niece. We don’t get everything but all the things that we are experiencing and receiving from day to day are already a blessing.

I’m thankful for all the tasks i received in all my blogs. 2014 wasn’t good enough compared last 2013. But fortunate because all my blogs are online and hope this year would be a profitable one. I know blogging is not yet over and I’m optimistic that this year advertisers will be good enough to the bloggers. 

I hope it’s not too much to ask this 2015. I’m praying that God has something in store for me this brand new year. I know I should do something to make everything happens. Please God guide me and help me in everything that I will do and hope my 2015 would be a productive year. It would be better if I will provide all our needs without the help of other people. Please guide me and lead the way. Above all please make my family free from sickness.