How to ease boredom?

Time flies, it’s been two weeks since my daughter started kindergarten. As I said on my other blog she cried during her first day but thankful because it just lasted for 1 day. When she came back the following day all the tears went away. 

Since the classes started last week, I am waiting for my daughter for 3 hours in school. Parents or guardians are not allowed loitering in places near the rooms. The school provided two particular places for the guardians and parents to hang out while waiting for the kids. Sometimes waiting for 3 hours is really impatient especially if there is no one to talk to. I am not sure if I will continue waiting for my daughter until her dismissal for the whole school year. I might go home or go somewhere else just to let the time pass. Sadly, the malls usually opened from 10 am and my daughter time is 8am – 11am so going to the mall is not advisable especially malls aren’t near to my daughter’s school. 

Anyway, I am also considering staying at school and just bring things that could ease my boredom like bringing laptop. Sadly, the battery life of this laptop is only for 1 hour, I don’t think I can do more with that time limit. Charging is not allowed so useless to bring the laptop though I am using broadband but still useless. Well, instead of laptop, I might bring magazines or books but sometimes I don’t have patience reading, what’s wrong with me, hahah! Other nannies are fond of reading tagalog pocket books so yesterday I borrowed one so I will not notice the time while waiting but I don’t know what’s wrong because I just started reading from page 1 and haven’t turned the next page. I think pocketbook is not for me. Talking to other mommies is the best option but I am thinking if this is really the best. Waiting for 3 hours talking to other mommies or guardians without doing something productive is useless for me. 

Well, any suggestions how to ease boredom while waiting, will appreciate much =).