Want to enjoy our old healthy garden

I missed our old healthy garden where we sit and talk especially during late afternoon. It’s a small garden in front of the house. I remember, the grasses were all healthy and have a greenly color. I don’t know what happened after so many years the grasses became unhealthy and there are other grasses that are growing. My late father was the one who managed our small garden but after he passed away, the garden became unmanaged. I want to see our old garden back especially today I have daughter already. I want her to experience sitting and playing on a healthy garden. If you could just see our present garden, you wouldn’t love to sit because of unwanted grasses growing. I am thinking of having push reel mower. I believe it will help back our old healthy garden. Well, have to search online and look for the best mower. I’m looking forward to see our mini garden looking best once again.