How to prevent fire?

Sometimes I don’t want to watch news. For the past days and months always bad news is being reported from simple to the most complicated crimes. Aside from that there is always report about Fire. I think the other day, victims were asking for help like clothes donation because nothing left to them. Sometimes not only our property is taken away but life of our love ones. I can’t imagine being in that situation for sure it’s hard to start all over again.

This month is Fire Prevention Month. The Bureau of Fire Prevention Protection (BFP) is calling on all citizens to be alert, watchful and cooperative to avoid fires. They also provide information and things to do in case of fire. Many cases the causes of fire are left candle, kids playing matches and electrical fault.

How to prevent fire? Here are some helpful tips to prevent fire provided by Bureau of Fire Protection.

– Electrical wiring should be regularly checked by a licensed electrician.

– Unplug appliances not in use.

– Matches/flammable liquids/lighters/other combustible materials should be properly stored, kept away from children and pets, or disposed of completely.

– Candles or lighted mosquito coils should never be left unattended, and should be placed away from curtains, paper, and other materials that easily catch fire.

– Cigarette butts should be properly put out before disposing of them in trash bins.

– Contact numbers of the local fire department should be conveniently kept near the phone or stored in mobile phones.

– Fire extinguishers should be placed in easily accessible places and everyone at home or in the office should know how to use them.

– Fire drills, which include escape routes and mitigation measures, should be held regularly.

We don’t want to see our property slowly vanish and life of our love ones. So do our part, be alert and watchful. If no one is neglectful for sure we can prevent fire.