Pintahan sa Banga “Jar Painting” in Pasayahan sa Lucena 2012

Every year one of the activities in Pasayahan sa Lucena is street and wall painting. This time instead of doing street and wall painting, the organizers of Pasayahan 2012 chose pintahan sa banga or jar painting. I learned there were almost 20 participants who participated in the elimination round but only 13 groups made it on the final round.

Jar painting contest started at around 10 am. Judges gave 6 hours allotted time to each group to finish their task. Contestants came from different schools in Lucena City which includes high school and college level.

This activity was actually for the benefit of the elderly in home for the aged. How this possible? After the participants painted each jar it will auction to the public. All the money will proceed to help elderly people in Lucena.

Anyway, it was started with this plain jar.


After 6 hours of painting the jar, finally the judges made a decision and chose entry #1 as the grand winner (photo below). The winning group received Php 10,000, second place received Php 7,000, third place received Php 5,000, fourth place received 3,000, fifth place got 2,000 and the rest got Php 1,000.


 Who could tell that a plain jar will transfer to a colorful jar? Doing this kind of activity shows only that Lucenahin has an artistry talent. 

Congrats to all the participants I wish my daughter has this kind of talent. I don’t wish it for myself because it’s already impossible, wink! Anyway, the 13 painted jars are available for auction at SM City Lucena and i think at Gaisano Mall.