Jollibee Workshop Graduation

How are you folks? Yesterday we had a busy day. I said the other day that we will be sending my BIL, three nieces and nephew in the airport. Now they were in Canada already, thanks God for their safe trip.

Anyway, today is a busy day as well Kyla attended graduation of her One Week Workshop in Jollibee. I’m glad that she finished the five days activities. It’s her first time to join such workshop and though she doesn’t participated in other activities I’m still happy that she finished the workshop. I’m proud of you Kyla, long way to go hope it’s the start of some changes in your life. I mean she is the type of person that doesn’t go along with other children easily. It’s so hard for her to make friends with other children because she is a quiet or should I say shy person but I’m wishing that she will over come this. Anyhow, I want to share some photos of her graduation but I can’t find the USB to transfer the photos L will try to update this post.  Good night folks!