K+12 in the Philippines

I always wanted to post about the issue of  K+12 in the Philippines but I don’t have the chance to do so. I guess this is the proper time for me to share my opinion about K+12 because in one month school 2012 – 2013 will start. 

What is K+12?

This is the new education policy that DepEd revealed last year. It is popular in other countries like USA, Canada and Australia were they called it K-12 (K to 12). Now, our government is trying to follow this range of education. So, there is a need to attend kindergarten, six years in elementary (Grades 1-6), four years of junior high school (Grades 7-10) and two years of senior high (Grades 11-12). Students can choose an area of specialization in the final two years. It aims to lift our country’s basic education course to world standards and generate high school graduates ready to be employed even without a college degree.

My Opinion:

I think the new education policy is fine because it will improve the quality of education in our country. But are we ready for this change? I doubt because yearly problems in school arises like lack of teachers, classrooms, school facilities, lack of school supplies and books in the different parts of our country.

Let us consider also Filipino families who are poor and can’t send their children in school what more if two more years will be added.

Anyway, the new education policy has been implemented so I don’t think we can stop it. But I hope our government will provide enough school equipment, appropriate instructional materials and address the different school problems so the aim of lifting our basic education will meet.