All the Best for Darren Espanto

I don’t know if I should still say this because the show finished months ago. But if you will ask me for me Darren Espanto should win the voice Kids Philippines. I saw all his performances from blind audition until the finals of the said show. And for me all his performances are consistent. Well, I should be happy already because he was a runner-up. For me the fact that he can sing and  photo DarrenEspanto_zpse7538f8d.jpgdance and with the looks, absolutely he is complete package, a total performer.

The last time I watched him was on Kris TV few days ago and I really admire his voice. The voice and the clarity of lyrics he’s really great. Even the host Kris Aquino and co-host Carmina Villarroel show their admiration to this young boy. Aside from Darren, R&B singer Jay R and Asia’s R&B princess Kyla were there. Both singers admire Darren and said everything was perfect with this boy.

Darren was born in Calgary, Canada with Filipino parents. Despite of living in English speaking country he speaks Filipino language fluently. That’s why he can sing both english and tagalog songs properly. Of well, Darren Espanto include me as one of your fans. I know there are many positive things would come your way. Good luck in everything and stay humble and for sure you will be blessed.