Goodbye 2018 … Welcome 2019

Accepting my mother’s loss is one way to start my New Year. It is hard to start 2019, when the pain is still here. So, from this day forward, I am accepting my mother’s loss and will welcome 2019 with positivity. I pray that God will bless the whole family with good health and prosperity.

I didn’t write anything about my mother’s loss and only have the courage to do it now. In 2018, (July) my mother passed away unexpectedly. Unexpectedly, because no one knew it would happen though was sick. She fought for her illness for 4 years. From time to time she needed blood transfusion 4-5 bags then she’s fine after getting the blood. The last time she was confined, she got 5 bags and she was ready to go home. The following morning, I was waiting for my sister’s text regarding our mother’s discharge. She was with my mother in the hospital. She didn’t text or call until late in the afternoon, when we found out that my mother was not in good condition. She had diarrhea and vomited (I believe) and she was totally weak with low platelet. The doctor advised her to confine in ICU, but sadly, there was no available room for my mother. She stayed in the normal room and put the entire machine she needed. I don’t want to give details but she only stayed for 1 day and passed away. Until now, I can’t believe it happened in just one blink.

I decided to write this today not to forget my mother but to finally accept that she is not with us anymore. Not physically here but I know wherever she is now, she is happy seeing us fighting for our lives. She may not be here but our love for her is always here and she will not be forgotten. I am missing you so much and don’t worry, Kyla and I will continue our lives and live like what you wanted. Thank you for everything and for loving me and Kyla unconditionally.

I also wanted to thank my whole family for everything. For the love and support especially in terms on financial. Goodbye 2018, Welcome 2019, I am ready for what you are in store for me.