Bohol Philippines our Get Away started here

Last February 11, we departed from Manila going to Cebu and Bohol via Air Phil Express to spend our weekend. We left Lucena City at around 10PM and arrived in Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) after four hours. It’s just right time because our flight in Cebu is past 4 Am. After checking our ticket, ID’s and baggage we wait again for almost one hour before the scheduled flight. Some of the members of the family were their first time to travel in a plane including my little Kyla. Too bad she was sleeping till we arrived in Mactan Cebu International Airport.
Outside Mactan Cebu International Airport
When we arrived in Mactan Cebu International Airport we rented a van to bring us in the port. Here we will ride in a fast craft that would take us in Bohol. We chose Supercat and paid 875 pesos including taxes or around $20. Kyla paid 625 pesos because she is already 3 years old. But children 0-2 years old are free of charge. Anyway, it’s my first time to cross in this kind of transportation and the experienced was nice. No worry at all the weather is really good that time. I enjoyed sight seeing of the different views though I am sleepy at that time. My daughter remain on saying “wake up mama; wake up so no choice but to open my eyes. After 2 hours finally we arrived in Port of Tagbilaran.
Views while cruising to Port of Tagbilaran
Finally, were here…
There is a van waiting for us that will tour us in Bohol. Thanks Hazel or Pinx of Pink Memoirs because she is the one who arranged this van for us. By the way, I knew Hazel for almost a month only and became friends here in blogosphere. I am glad that we met (see photo below). She is the first blogger I met so far though we just talked for a minute or two but happy that I see her in person. After waving goodbye we started our sight seeing in Bohol.
Me, Kyla, Hazel and her son Bogs
First destination is the Blood Compact Monument – it is one of the tourist attractions in Bohol aside from the beautiful sceneries, Bohol is also rich in history and one of these is the Blood Compact where the friendship of Datu Sikatuna of Bohol and Miguel Lopez de Legazpi of Spain was cemented.
My nephew in Blood Compact Monument
Baclayon Church it is 6 kilometers away from Tagbilaran City, Bohol. Baclayon church as stated in the photo below is the Oldest Coral Stone Church in the Region built in 1727. One of the oldest in Asia and foremost among the best-preserved Jesuit built Churches in the Philippines. It is the second stone church in the Philippines the first one is San Agustin Church situated in Manila.
Me at Baclayon Church
Inside Baclayon Church
My sister in law still at Baclayon Church – view from backward
PRONY – the famous Bohol Python
We had the chance to see this huge python too bad this python is sleeping when we arrived. While looking at the big python somebody came with the name of “Badong.” He is a gay and probably working here because he shared to us about the history of this python. He said the name of this python is Prony who weighs 300 kilos. I hope my memory is right, hehe. This is known to the people as Anaconda in Bohol. Anyway, Badong showed some entertainment as part of our visit in the place. He made a lip sing, while dancing and doing some comic faces while performing. All these we just paid for 10 pesos for each person and it depends to you if you want to give some tip. Aside from the huge python you can also view birds and monkeys. I don’t know if there are other animals to see because we don’t go far in the place.
my niece picture taking in the entrance

Prony, biggest Python in Bohol

Badong – the entertainer
Badong while performing
We are surely entertained by his performance 🙂
Our next destinations in Bohol are Loboc River, Tarsiers and Chocolate Hills. I will post about it tomorrow meanwhile I leave you with this one first 🙂