Rainy weekend … New Badge

How is your weekend? Its been raining here since yesterday (Saturday) so Kyla just stayed at home yesterday while I went in the mall to buy something. Earlier this morning we attended mass in the mall and bought some Kyla’s stuff and baon (snack in school). The rain just stopped when we went out in the mall but it keeps on pouring from time to time. I hope tomorrow mr. sunshine will comes out. It’s hard to go to school if it is raining and beside we don’t have own car to send Kyla in school.

New Badge

Yesterday I installed the new template and happy that you liked it too. Now it’s about time to change my badge to go well with my template. Thanks RyheAnne for providing one =). I already updated my badge in Adgitize and sooner or later it will be available in adgitize network. So please have time to click it … thanks in advance.

Anyway, wherever you are I hope everyone is safe. Enjoy the rest of weekend.