How to Learn to Play the Organ

how to play the organ

One of the most interesting instruments to play is the organ. My daughter has standard electronic organ. I thought it wasn’t playing already. Good thing the outlet was the only problem and when I put in another outlet the organ finally works again. My daughter has this organ long time ago. I think she was 2 or 3 when her grandfather bought it. She was 6 now but hasn’t learned to play the organ perfectly. But from time to time she’s using it. There’s a program in this organ where it plays repeated songs. She loves pressing the keyboards and create any sounds. It would be nice if there is someone in the family who has background in playing this kind of instrument. For sure it would be easy for my daughter to learn. Another thing, piano flash cards from musicians friend would be a great help. I should enroll her to a music school but money is always a dilemma. I might search online for sure there are many tutorials available. And I hope it’s not too late for her to learn. I can’t wait to seeing my daughter playing organ  efficiently.

kid playing piano photo kidplayingpiano_zps49131c68.jpg