I need picnic basket

Time flies isn’t it? I can’t believe that we are in the middle of March already. March is the beginning of summer here in the Philippines actually April to May to be exact but usually we experienced the heat during March. I’m excited for the summer because it means fun fun fun. There are lots of activities during summer like swimming, food trip, vacations what else you name the fun, adventure and exciting things to do during summer. Anyway, my daughter Kyla loves water so I guess we should go on swimming. She also loves to play in the park so with this I should have picnic basket. I don’t wanna put all things including the foods and drinks in a plastic bag only I prepared to carry basket to make it fashionable too hehe.  And since we are just two, I should carry picnic basket for 2. I should think now what to put inside I’m excited already because we rarely visited park or go on swimming.

By the way, I searched in the internet about picnic basket and I’m glad I found the best I think. Not only that they also offers Picnic Backpacks, Picnic Sets and even Picnic Hampers. There are many available options and design to pick not only that they are on sale so lots of discount available. I’m excited to pick one for me. Anyway,  what is your plan for this summer?