Dancing in the Rain, Preschooler Painting

My daughter loves coloring and painting. One time she gave her done painting (photo below). She said it’s me and her dancing. I find it cute so I took a photo right away and asked her if I could share it in my blog. The daughter said yes, imagining she knows about blogging. Anyhow, the mommy here forgot to share and just saw it again after so many days. Well, good thing I browsed my collection of photos so here I am sharing my daughter’s painting, “mommy and daughter dancing in the rain”.

My daughter (Kyla) said, her painting is about me and her dancing with clouds above but she doesn’t have blue painting so she just used green. I asked her what about the red pouring; she said it’s raining, so we were dancing in the rain, hahah.

Anyway, I hope she will continue to like drawing or painting. If not, any kind of talent she has. I always saying, I don’t have any talent in any way, hahah, so I hope my daughter and I will have different fortune, lol