What to Expect After Losing a Permanent Tooth

Your permanent teeth are called “permanent” for a reason. They’re meant to remain in your mouth for your whole life. You expect baby teeth to fall out, but you don’t expect to lose a permanent one. Sometimes, however, it happens. An accident, facial trauma, or gum disease can all result in tooth loss. Here’s what to expect following the loss of a permanent tooth.

Visit Your Dentist

Your first step after tooth loss is to visit your Vero Beach dentist. Your dentist may examine your mouth and take X-rays. You will then likely be referred to a prosthodontist vero beach fl. A prosthodontist specializes in the replacement of missing teeth and will be able to provide you with the appropriate care that you need.

Go Over Your Options

There are a few options available for replacing missing teeth. During your consultation, you will go over those options to determine the best one for you. The two most common solutions for replacing an individual tooth are a dental bridge and a dental implant. You will be given the pros and cons of each solution so that you can make an informed decision.

Replace the Tooth

Once you have chosen how you want your missing tooth replaced, the procedure is performed. The exact procedure is determined by the solution you choose. A bridge typically requires two appointments. An implant involves surgery.

Care for Your New Tooth

Even though the tooth is fake, it’s still necessary to take good care of it. You should brush and floss your teeth daily and continue to see your general dentist for cleanings and exams. Proper care of your replacement tooth can help to keep your whole mouth healthy and prevent potential issues with the rest of your teeth.

Following tooth loss, you need to seek treatment right away. Replacing the tooth is essential for maintaining your oral health and allowing you to eat and speak normally. Tooth replacement also restores your smile and boosts your confidence.