Puerto Galera Escapade 2

What happened in our second day in Puerto Galera? We enjoyed the beauty of Puerto Galera early in the morning. After we ate, the rest of my companions (except Kyla, my mother and nephew) go for island hopping. I don’t go with them because I already experienced what island hopping is though this is a different place but I insisted to stay and just go for a walk around the place.

This is my mother and my little Kyla posing in front of the blue water.

Kyla posing with her back … what are you looking at? You want to swim? Heheh.

I saw this man carrying a big fish so I followed him and have captured the fishes. The fisherman said it was Tanigue fish and in the pail are milkfish.


My first time to witness fire dancing and I was amazed with them. I have videos but failed to upload here I will try it next time maybe it’s too long. There are live bands also to enjoy, our last night in Puerto Galera is the memorable one for me.

We saw some celebrities also they are Rainier Castillo, Bugoy Drilon and Liezel Garcia. We asked them if we can have souvenir photo/s with them and gladly they granted. Oops, Archie Alemania is also there i think i saw him 3 times…

Hey Kyla what is that look? Are you afraid of Bugoy? Lol.

Bugoy Drilon, Kyla and her 2 cousins

Rainier Castillo, Yours truly, Kyla, My Niece, Bugoy Drilon, Liezel Garcia and my Mother

Rainier Castillo– He is known for his “killer smile” and one-trick pony of identified with his F4 hairstyle of Jerry Yan. He made it as one of the Final Four in the first season of StarStruck. He is a former star of GMA Network. He is now a Kapatid of TV5.

Bugoy Drilon – is a Filipino singer. A former canteen janitor, he rose to fame after placing as Second Star Dreamer in the second season of Pinoy Dream Academy 2.

Liezel Garcia – Five-time star scholar with unique voice and a woman of grace sophistication and international appeal, Liezel Garcia is the fourth star dreamer of Pinoy Dream Academy 2. (Credit to Google)


Smiling Sally MellowYellowBadge

Puerto Galera Escapade 1

Last time I wrote about our trip in Puerto Galera but haven’t showed any photos. I said in my post that I will upload the photos the other day but been busy with other stuff. So before I forget it totally I will now share some photos we had.

Its Kyla’s first time to enjoy the beauty of beach especially Puerto Galera. She was astonished with the water and the place itself. She immediately plays with the sand with her cousins. They also tried to be liked Mutya (Show in ABS-CBN) which is a mermaid.


More to share in my next post meanwhile lets enjoy the rest of weekend…

Puerto Galera, Philippines

It’s been 4 days that I’m not updating this blog. We had our escapade in Puerto Galera last Friday and it was an unplanned escapade. What I knew is that we will visit one of the resorts in Batangas but when we are on our way we decided to visit Puerto Galera instead. So we go straight in Batangas pier and rode in an outrigger boat. By the way, we left the vehicle of my sister in Batangas Pier there are parking spaces available both inside and outside the pier along the highway and the charges are reasonable.

It took 1 hour for us to reach Puerto Galera. There are jeeps waiting for us that will transfer us to White Beach. Sorry, I haven’t watched how long we took to reach White Beach but I guess it doesn’t last for more than 30 minutes. Anyway, upon reaching the White Beach there are lots of vacationers from Filipinos to other nationalities.

Before we explore Puerto Galera we look for a place where we can stay for 2 days. The planned was just 1 night but we decided to make it longer. So instead of 1 night it became 2N &3D vacation. We had fun and it will be added in our memorable experience. Photos will be uploaded in my next post.