Queen of Ambition

queen of ambition

I’m currently watching Queen of Ambition also known as Yawang / Night King / Wild King. It is a 2013 South Korean television series, starring Kwon Sang-woo, Soo Ae, Jung Yun-ho, Kim Sung-ryung and Go Joon-hee. The drama tells the story of an ambitious woman born into poverty who will let nothing stand in her way as she tries to become the First Lady and a hopeless romantic who will sacrifice anything for this woman. When this woman betrays him, he takes his revenge.

Queen of Ambition has 24 episodes and I’m currently on episode 20. So far I like the story but I heard it has sad ending. Oh well, many of Korean dramas has sad ending and it won’t be a reason for not watching them. I also heard that the story is almost similar to The Innocent Man. And I can say yes, when I was watching Queen of Ambition especially episode 1, I remember The Innocent Man that I highly recommended for you to watch the series. They were the same because the woman used a man for her to get her dreams but of course the story changes eventually. Oh, well i have to finish Queen of Ambition today because i have many Korean drama series to watch. 

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Queen of Ambition cast – Go Joon-hee, Jung Yun-ho, Soo-Ae, Kwon Sang-Woo, Kim Sung-Ryoung

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