Runny Nose

Yesterday little Kyla was not feeling well but she’s not sick. She just has runny nose after we went out to buy her snacks in school. When she woke up this morning the runny nose became worst however she still attended her class. This afternoon she was feeling uncomfortable because it kept on pouring.  I’m glad that even though she’s not comfortable with her runny nose still she’s very attentive when we have a review of her previous lessons. We only reviewed Math subject for today this is for her preparation in their first quarterly assessment test happening next week. My schedule for her review would be one subject at a time so she will be focused and will not be tired after.

Anyway, it’s really hard to see your child when she’s not feeling well. And when you knew that she can’t tell exactly what she feels. I’m glad it did not result to fever she will miss so many activities if she will be absent on her class. I already gave her some Vitamin C so I hope it will work. Right now she is sleeping like a princess =) I hope by tomorrow everything is fine. Good night!