On making scrapbook

One of the gifts that my daughter received on her 5th birthday is “Express Yourself” Scrapbook. I think we will be busy doing this scrapbook in the coming days. Daughter has many photos that can be put in this scrapbook. Her photos are just saved here in laptop. So I’m thinking to make a copy of her photos since it’s already thousands. While browsing the file of photos I saw her videos and photos of her first lesson in swimming. Unfortunately, she didn’t finish her swimming lesson. She didn’t want the instructor to teach her. All she wanted is just to enjoy the water without having pressure from the instructor. So, I just let her enjoy the water, maybe it’s not yet her time to attend swimming lesson. Anyway, this is the place where my daughter attended swimming lesson. It has 2 swimming pools; for kids and adult. I’m not sure if they have led pool lights because if they have for sure this will add attraction to their pool. Anyway, I will be browsing more of her photos and try to start her scrapbook.