DIY: Hair clip storage

I have old magazines that are just hid in the closet. So, I checked youtube on how to recycle old magazines and thankful because there are many available tutorials. So here is my first DIY (Do it yourself) stuff. I made hair clip storage; my daughter’s hairclips are located everywhere in the room. So, this is the reason why I made this hairclip storage. Now, it’s easy for me to find her hair clips every time I need it especially when going to school. Actually, you can put hair clips in shoe box without making this thing but I want daughter’s hair clip storage more presentable =). 

Anyway, as I said there are many tutorials in youtube so credit to them.  I was inspired to do recycle out of old magazines because I found it easy but needs patience and time . Let me share how I made this hairclip storage but I’m not good in giving tutorial so please bear with me, heheh. 

Materials:    Old magazines, Shoe box, Glue stick, Glue Gun, Pen

Step 1 –  Get an old shoe box. Wrap the whole shoe box with magazine it should be looked like the photo below.


Step 2 –  Roll a piece of magazine using pen. One page of magazine will give you 6 rolls. After rolling, glue it around shoe box. 


Step 3 – Make sure to put piece of roll magazine around the shoe box and voila this is the result, daughter’s hair clip storage. 


Doing crafts from old magazines

I’ve been busy watching tutorials in Youtube for the past days. First was tutu skirt and now I’m interested in  doing crafts from old magazines. I’m not good in any arts and crafts but watching the tutorials I’m seeing it easy and looking simple to do. I’ve learned doing garbage bin, shoebox storage, bag, and other things out of old magazines. The tutorials are easy to follow so I will try to create my own. I have many magazines that are just hid in the cabinet. So I think this is the time to do something with all these old magazines. I started doing shoe box storage already and very soon I will share it here. I just have to finish it first and see the outcome. I don’t want to share it if not successful, hahah!

I thought it’s easy to make. Well, it’s easy but it needs time, effort, and patient. Anyway, this thing makes me busy every time I’m offline. I hope my first craft will be finished very soon. I’m excited already with the outcome and hoping the result is good because it’s really a tiring thing to do but happy while doing it.