Cheapest Mobile Phone

I’m planning to buy new mobile phone. I have one here which is Samsung Galaxy Y but it’s not enough. I need to find the cheapest mobile phone with dual SIM feature. Yes, not expensive phone, actually below 1,000 pesos is enough. I will just use this because I have Smart, Sun and Globe network. And because my Samsung Galaxy Y is not for dual sim purposes, it will be hard if I will put other SIMs every now and then. For sure my mobile will not last and easily corrupted. 

Don’t ask me why I need all these SIMs. My smart network is used for a long time already. While I bought Sun cellular SIM because I need to call my Sun broadband provider. Also it will be helpful if I have sun SIM because most of the family members are using this network. I have Globe SIM because I used it for my BanKO account. 

This week is a busy week but for sure after this week I will find time to check for the cheapest mobile phone. I don’t need expensive one because I will just use it to call or send message. So, I hope I will find the cheapest but lasting mobile phone.