New Template

Nope you’re not lost it’s my blog “Living the Beauty of Life” I just decided to change the template. Working on my previous template sometimes makes me feel lazy and I already tired looking on that template. So finally I have my new template with the help of sis Ryheanne of it’s not just a BLOG (one of her multiple blogs) …. Thanks a lot sis, I love it! And please sis bear with me if I have some question regarding tweaking and coding because I’m very naïve on doing it. 

Maybe later if time permits I will change the badge of this blog. I’m still advertising this blog in Adgitize, if you see it while blog hopping please have time to click it. Meanwhile, please continue on clicking my current badge… thanks in advance.

If you are tired of your old template and wanted to have a new look better contact RyheAnne. Again, thanks much =)