ECPlaza is celebrating their 15th Anniversary

15th Anniversary of Global Online B2B Trade Marketplace ECPlaza!
I can’t imagine that ECPlaza is celebrating their 15th Anniversary already. Fifteen years of being successful in the world of trade business. They started in the year of 1996 and they have full-fledged as the Number 1 Trade Leader. Can you believe that they are serving almost 1,000,000 members as of this time? There are more than 4 million trade offers posted in their website, which happened to be the leading scale in the world. Not only that their B2B (Business2Business) website is listed on the top rank of several famous ranking sites such as Alexa, Rankey, 100 Hot and the like.

What can you get when you become a member of ECPlaza?

First, you can get your own website for FREE at (sounds good right). Owning a website is a best way for you to handle your business well. You can make public your company profile, products and Trade leads for free. Meaning it would be easily and possibly to reach thousands of future buyers first by having your own website.

Second, receive Buyers’ Enquiries from all over the world – that means you can reach out to thousands of prospective buyers from all over the world. They are providing contact information of the possible buyers and you can easily contact them.

Third, get different services for free of charge – they offer messenger PC080 messenger to chat with your trade partners in real time and close deals faster and get the latest trade leads and information on new buyers with Trade Alerts daily or weekly. I think this is the easiest and best way to talk to your buyers.

And the good news is that you can enjoy Basic Service of ECPlaza as a Free Member, (so it is possible for you to have an account with them starting with Free Membership and later on become a premium member this is for gaining more trade chances.
We all know that becoming a Premium member has many benefits and it is the most far-reaching and higher marketing solution packages. That would means that your product has an easy access to international buyers. ECPlaza is offering two premium memberships – Yes Silver and Yes Gold.

Let me sump up the benefits of the two memberships.

The benefits of YES Silver

1. You can create premium homepage using active editing tools – which means that you have the power to edit your homepage which can attracts possible buyers.
2. Post up to 200 selling leads and products which will be listed in Priority listing in buyers’ search results – no wonder your products and services can be seen internationally.
3. You can input 5 Keywords when posting about products and selling leads which is helpful to notice your products easily – we all know that keywords is important for your products or services will be known so I suggest to have the unique one.
4. Unlimited access to buyer contact details and our exclusive 2.5milion global buyer data base – this is one of greatest benefits, not it would be easy for you to access your buyers in just one click.
5. Free online banner advertisements by using the ad service points credited on activation of YES Silver account – We all know that in every business banner advertisement is important. This banner will lead your buyer to your products. So you should come up with the best and unique banner that can attract future buyers.
6. Creating a high-quality business proposal easily – Proposal is important in every business with EXCplaza enjoy creating high-quality proposals for your business.
7. Company Verification Service – your company will be displayed with A&V seal on your homepage to show buyers that your company is legally authenticated and verified which gives more trust to potential buyers – trust is the number key in every business. If your buyer’s trusted you expect more from them and they will get back with you always.

Anyhow, here are the benefits of YES Gold

This is what I like if you’re a YES Gold member because you can enjoy all the benefits that Yes Silver has. Not only that because it double or triple the benefits. Like for example:

1. If you have 200 selling leads and products in Silver membership in Gold membership you are allow to post up to 1,000 selling leads and products with TOP-LEVEL Priority Listing in buyers’ search result.
2. Input 10 Keywords when posting about products and selling leads which means that you can get better search result. As I said it is important for your business can be easily noticeable.
3. Free online banner advertisements by using the ad service points credited on activation of YES Gold account. More points are credited than the YES Silver account.
4. Provides e-Book Type Catalog (Up to 12 pages) – which I believed you can sump up your products for your buyers to easily look up.
5. Promotion service with your products in various trade magazines which will be distributed to major trade shows around the world.

Because of all of these benefits I’m sure it’s worthy to get an account with them and start making business with them. And I’m pretty sure that your business will be noticeable locally and internationally in expand of short period.

So dear readers and spammers, lol, I’m encouraging all of you to visit ( and start your business to be in plain sight. I’m encouraging you also to visit their Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and LinkedIn account to learn more about their business. You can get in touch with them through the following Social Media.

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So friends, don’t waste your time if you have business or products that you wanted to be popular better check now their sites provided and learn more about their products and services they are offering. Anyhow, let’s congratulate ECPlaza for doing well in the B2B Trade Market Place. ECPlaza is really a great help if you want your products to be noticeable, ECPlaza is offering many benefits that would make your business stands out. Fifteen years is not easy to reach but they attain it probably because of their good advocacy and dedication in their service. Congratulations and more power, long way to go.