Make Teaching Fun and Enjoyable

I’m glad this blog is working again. I was alarmed yesterday when I checked my blog and got error message. This afternoon I checked again and still error. I thought it wouldn’t be fixed this day but I’m glad it’s working already. I was worried because I have pending task that I need to do right away. Aside from that my earning depends on this blog so really important to access this blog. Thanks to my hosting carrier for the quick solution and hoping no more dilemmas occur.

Anyway, I’m busy tutoring my daughter everyday. Elementary level is really different compared to preschooler. Now, I’m teaching her lesson everyday because if not, she might not get her lesson clearly.

Her first long examination will start on Friday and the following week. I hope we wouldn’t have any problem reviewing all her subjects. Sometimes it’s hard to teach her because she doesn’t listen when not in the mood. I need to make or create ways on how to make our review fun and enjoyable. In that way i’m sure she wouldn’t be bored. Haist, I need patience haha. Well, good luck Kyla I know you can do it. I believe in you so have more confidence and concentrate with your examination.