White Wedding Bands

For as long as I can remember yellow gold has been the craze for wedding bands.  It was classic and timeless.  Everybody I knew had a yellow gold wedding band.  Then in the 80’s there was a push towards silver rings and the really wealthy would go with platinum.  Now there has been a huge shift.  In fact a few years ago white cobalt chrome rings hit the markets.  These rings look just as good as platinum but usually cost a tenth of the price of a platinum ring.  This is making a different look available to many people.  The options seem endless to the types of wedding bands you can go with.  If you like the white look you have nearly a dozen options

Another popular white metal are white gold wedding bands.  White gold seems like a magical type of metal.  It isn’t really magic but jeweler manufacturers take a piece of gold and they add nickel or some other metal alloys to it to make it white.  Overtime the white will fade and your ring will have a yellow tent to it.  It only makes sense that gold will look yellow.  So there are many new options for white metals.  You should do your research and choose wisely. 

Guest post written by Jared