Designs For Home Remodeling Projects


A kitchen is a very important part of the house and that’s why renovation projects are often done to improve function and appeal where food is made and served. Modern kitchen remodeling companies begin the process on a computer. Special design software makes it easy to create virtual blueprints for brand new kitchens. The process begins with creating a two dimensional floor plan that sets a general layout. For example, some of the most popular settings for an upscale kitchen include island and peninsula. Traditional layouts have an L or U shape.

Another important factor that is in kitchen designs is officially called the “work triangle” in the world of architecture. The work triangle is basically an imaginary shape that is drawn on a two dimensional floor plan of a kitchen. This imaginary triangular entity connects the stove with the kitchen and sink. The goal is to minimize the perimeter of the work triangle in order to increase the efficiency of cooking and preparing meals. In other words, there should be minimum distance between the most important fixtures and appliances of a kitchen space.

kitchen photo kitchens_zps4129ef04.jpg

After the two dimensional floor plan is completed, it’s time to create a three dimensional design of a kitchen. First, the front views of the cabinets are designed. Different panels are hardware can be mixed and matched and then previewed on a design software. The dimensions of the cabinets can also be manipulated easily to see how they fit with other appliances such as the refrigerator.