Time flies …Third week.

Time flies only one day away and its July already. Also its Kyla’s third week in school I’m glad that the little girl is not crying in school anymore. Actually on her second week I can say that there are no more tears already. I asked her teacher about her performance and she said that Kyla is participating but she has a very low voice. She’s really a shy girl and I hope she will triumph over this thing. Anyway, in their third week in school they already taught about the primary colors. I saw some of Kyla’s work and her color is not bad. They also taught about the alphabet and learned up to the letter D. Good job Kyla, just enjoy your day to day in school.

5 thoughts on “Time flies …Third week.”

  1. mahiyain palang talaga si Kyla…baka naman kasi kayo-kayo lang dyan sa bahay kaya di nasanay maki halobilo..hayaan mo, magbabago din yang ngayong ang school na sya.

  2. Yes, time flies, doesn’t it?
    Good that she’s not crying anymore. It really only takes some getting used to. Maybe the shyness will lessen too in time. =)

    Btw, thanks for visiting and commenting in my blog, Mona. Hope I’ll see you there again in the future. =)
    Have a nice day! =)

  3. si Bogs naman ngayon, okay na sya sa school, medyo nakaka-adjust na sya, kaya lang, inuubo ng bonggang bongga ang little boy. hehehe… Kyla will soon enjoy school.

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